Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Noitalever, aka That Light Bulb Moment

My kids used to laugh at me when I would share that I'd had a revelation. Usually I had something backwards until I refined what I'd learned in that light bulb moment.

Hence their term: "The Noitalever." Clever kids. From the mouths of babes and all that.

What revelation have you had, or has one of your characters in your writing had, that proved to be totally wrong, ass-backwards, dumb as a rock?

I'll give you an example. I once woke up believing that I had the answer to all my recent questions about a character. Of course! She will hook up with that cute guy with the hair flop, who will encourage her to write the best poem she was always meant to write, and she'll get a fellowship based on it!

You all would have told me to avoid the hair flop guy, right?

What ends up happening to that character? She falls in "love," writes a dippy poem, doesn't get the fellowship, and has to try harder to figure out who she really is. And of course hair flop guy turns out to be a better friend than boyfriend.

I love it when those characters surprise us. All we have to do is put our fingers on the keyboard, and the surprises emerge.

How about you? Real life "noitalever" or in your fiction? Write it out.

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