Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blind Drunk

Groping forward
her cane feeling
for the walkway
the bag she carries

Bud Ice rolls
into the street
as she cries out
in fear of a darkness
that can swallow
more than the colors
of the sun.

The bluest of skies
her backdrop
she curses,
kneels to grasp
the only savior
that she knows.

She doesn't want my help.

And anyway
I am loathe to gather up
another's poison.

It's only Bud.

Even a frothy
stein of Weissbier
sweetened by raspberry
tart with a lemon slice
isn't worth death.

Copyright 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Soaring on steel
I fly so close
to the sun
igniting hope
and then

To dust and ashes

Voids unfilled
by parting
or souls
shrink and vanish

Blinding rays
through bending crystal
scorch me

On bended knee
I pray

The sun sets
I'm alone
in the silky dusk
and peace floats in
on wings of gossamer

Hello, God.

Copyright 2011

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The below poem was inspired this morning by an incredibly brave person I know.

Today, I am a father;
Yesterday, I didn't believe in one.
Today, I soar on wings of gossamer;
Yesterday, I couldn't see my angel.
Today, I awaken in sunshine;
Yesterday, The rain fell on me alone.
Today, I dance in golden fields;
Yesterday, I cried despite the roses.

Today, I am a mother;
Yesterday, I held life inside me.
But I was not born.