Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today: A revision

After sharing my poem with others who remembered my family friend whom I called Tietia, the Russian for aunt, I gained perspective that led to this revision. Today, share something you've written with others. It will lead you to new insight and inspiration!

In Lent, for Mrs. Syx

When pansies emerge
between deep freeze
and sunblock
I remember Tietia
her long nylon
stockings drying
in a rose-scented
dusky room with
a bed too narrow
for her proud
Russian spirit
Others remember her
standing wrapped
in a fur collar
and dignity
at the back of the
Orthodox Cathedral
leaning on a cane
or regally presiding
over guests enjoying
her tangy Waldorf
salad and хлеб
with масло
and чай
(some of the few
Russian words
I still know)
I remember
that she loved
deeply but quietly
that she kept her
door locked against
loneliness and
never missed the
Hallelujah Chorus
on Easter no matter
how loud the radio
had to be set
Despite being
hard of hearing
she lived
at full volume

Copyright Lisa E. Paige 3/18/2015

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