Saturday, June 19, 2010

Right here

Somewhere over the rainbow
(alto II part burned into my brain)
I sing about platinum shining
where leprechauns lurk
(those lying midget bastards)
and the pot of gold
on Wall Street
crumbled into dust
like the dying
(the ashes of whom
weeks later
dusted my shoes)
and yet I cannot
stop from singing
and the song rises
blue and gold and crimson
above a turret
above a spire
scraping the sky
like ivory
against the night
above 200 soaring voices
all knowing
that only fools
seek gold
instead of the rainbow
(yes a Ding an sich)
all the voices
are blinded by the hues
shining through clouds
and rain and hail
and blasting through
thick Gothic walls
in stained glass allegories
inflaming those who do believe
(in justice
in peace
in tolerance
in love
in ourselves
and in what we carry
in all that's spoken
all that's holy)

Copyright June 19, 2010

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